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What exactly is a “SOAR Business Secret”?
During a 40-year marketing/business career, I have worked with more than 50 companies—and hundreds of marketing experts. I learned many game-changing business secrets from these experts and recently combined 100+ of the secrets to create the SOAR Business Secrets Handbook.

SOAR Business Secret Criteria
To make my “ business secrets“ list, the criteria were: (1) the idea or strategy is most likely completely unknown and should have a major positive impact on your company; (2) the idea or strategy may or may not be well known–but in either case, the idea/strategy is ignored by corporations because its importance is not understood, and (3) the idea or strategy presents an important detail or metric that may be hard-to-find. (For example, I’ll tell you the optimal font size and leading to maximize readability of website copy–and the minimum percentage of new products you should have in order to stay relative in your markets.)

Jack Rendel

MBA Marketing and Finance
BS Education
BS Electrical Engineering

Who is Jack Rendel?  

I have 45 years of marketing/business experience--nearly equally divided between working as an employee and working on a consulting or project basis. Since 1998, my focus has been on helping companies by completing a wide variety of small-to-large projects.

My credentials include an MBA in Marketing/Finance from Michigan State University, a BS in Education, and a BS in Electrical Engineering. Some have called me a "One-Man-Marketing Department"--because I have expertise in virtually every Sales and Marketing discipline. I have experience and expertise in strategic planning, positioning strategies, value propositions, branding, naming products and companies, market research, new product development, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, trade shows, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, sales training, white papers, content marketing, creating new websites and landing pages, SEO, link-building, pay-per-click, remarketing, Google Analytics, and Social Media Marketing (SMM). As a marketing and technical writer, I have authored more than 11,000 documents and received an ADDY Award for a software-product brochure I created. Nine of the fifty companies I have experience with are listed below.

Hewlett Packard

Bosch Aerospace
United Dynamics Technologies


What others say

Case History

If you are looking for a seasoned marketing expert, I give Jack my complete endorsement. Jack Rendel can market anything. Several months after we hired Jack to help us with our marketing, I reviewed the letter he had sent us… and the promises he made to us. He did everything he said he would do–and more. He is a highly self-motivated and tireless expert–the last person to leave the office every evening.

Jack has a unique marketing system that performs flawlessly. Under his direction, our company introduced two new product lines to the market. Jack created the products, the ideas, did all of the work, and launched new strategies–including creating new websites, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, sample kits, and trade shows. We are presently negotiating a Sales Agreement for one of Jack’s products. This is indeed a huge success for Jack. If you’d like to call and speak to me about Jack, please feel free to do so.   Scott Kaminski, General Manger, Secoa Technologies.

Hubbell/Beckwith Performance Review

  1. Jack possesses a wealth of experience in Marketing and Engineering that helps him successfully perform his job functions. He is passionate about using his skills to help solve workplace problems.
  2. Jack is a detail-oriented, customer-focused, results-driven individual, who helps us focus on providing high-quality and targeted marketing to our internal and external customers.
  3. Jack communicates effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and internal/external customers. He is a constructive communicator and capable of discussing difficult and technical topics effectively.
  4. Jack works well without direct supervision. He takes new challenges and looks for new ways to solve problems. He positively accepts and responds to changes at work.
  5. Jack is great at building positive relationships on the Marketing team. He is proactive in sharing his knowledge, skills, and expertise with other team members.
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