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A pricing surprise--and great news: YOU set the price you will pay.

It’s true. Your price for SOAR Secrets will be what you say it will be. You will decide how much you want to pay for SOAR Secrets based on your satisfaction and the value of the secrets to your company. There is a listed price. However, you can choose to pay more than that price, less than that price, or even nothing at all. The choice is yours. Pay What You Want (PWYW) is a win-win situation for both of us. For you, it eliminates your risk of overpaying or regretting your purchase. For me, I have the opportunity to begin to earn your trust and credibility–plus build loyalty–with your organization.

Can your ROI be 500% or more? Based on my 45 years of business experience, I believe the SOAR Secrets will have a ROI of 500% to 5000% or more for virtually any company. So, you can have money in the bank returning 0.01% to 5%–or you can invest in the SOAR Secrets and have the opportunity to earn hundreds of times that. (Once you see the SOAR Secrets, your decision will be easy.)

Pay what you want--then use your new knowledge to quickly improve your bottom line by $50K to $2M.

The SOAR Business Secrets Playbook consists of two components, each with a different purpose.

Component A: The Secrets

Content for Component A  consists of a list of 100+ business secrets learned during my 45-year career with some of the best marketers in the country. These secrets come from the following disciplines: sales, marketing, new product development, project management, marketing communications, digital marketing, time management, problem solving, personnel, and training. Component A contains each of the SOAR Secrets–along with examples, recommendations, and worksheets. This material is not available elsewhere–and should be treated as “company confidential”.  

Component B: The Research

Content for Component B comes from a dedicated Market Research project I will perform to gather necessary data to calculate the Procurement Attractiveness Index (PAI) for your products. The PAI is a measurement of the actual experience your company is providing to your target audiences. Your mangers know what your products look like from their inside view… but until now there has been no way for you to measure your prospect’s view from the OUTSIDE… which is the only view that matters. You’ll learn the probability that a prospect will choose to engage with your brand. And you’ll have an objective snapshot of where you are today from the customer’s point of view–plus a detailed roadmap to lead you to increased sales tomorrow. I like to think of Component B as a “remove the blindfold” tool. Because–until now–marketing managers have been forced to do their job without the ability to see/measure/compare their company’s actual marketplace attractiveness.  


100+ SOAR Secrets:
Component A


One Component A:
plus 3 hours consultation,
one Playbook,
one thumb drive

  • Basic Price

SOAR Research:
Component B


One Component B:
plus 2 hours consultation,
one Playbook,
one thumb drive

  • Basic Price

SOAR Combination 1:
One Component A
plus One Component B


One Component A,
one Component B: plus 5 hours consultation, one Playbook,
one thumb drive

  • Bundled save $1000

Until 9/9/2023 Component A Plus B


One Component A, one
Component B: plus 5 hours consultation, one Playbook, one thumb drive. Expires 9/9/2023

  • Save $3000

Small, 100% refundable, good-faith retainer
I prefer a small retainer (100% refundable) before I start work–because I have found that a modest $200-per-Component investment changes the dynamics of this process and insures an increased level of corporate involvement and commitment. You still see the secrets (Component A and Component B) for free–because the retainer will be deducted from your purchase price–or refunded to you upon request.

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