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Ten SOAR Business Secrets are listed below. Your Playbook has 100+ more.

1. Philip Kotler, the “grandfather of marketing”, states that the “old marketing rules” are dead and that a company that “sells products” via the 4Ps, features, and price will fail. I will explain his view… and tell you the “new rules”… and how you can provide customer value to increase sales in ways you never imagined. 

2. Company managers are blindfolded. They know what their company looks like from their viewpoint—from the INSIDE. But the managers have no idea what their company looks like from the customer viewpoint—the OUTSIDE view. (The OUTSIDE view is the only view that matters.)  I will use research and the Procurement Attractiveness Index (PAI) to provide you with an objective numerical measurement of the actual experience your company is providing to your target audiences. I will provide you with an objective snapshot of where you are today from the customer’s point of view–plus a detailed roadmap to lead you to increased sales tomorrow. And I will tell you the probability that a new prospect will choose to engage with your company.

3. Most companies waste scarce marketing dollars by investing in websites, email campaigns, SEO, trade shows, brochures, etc. without first answering perhaps the most important question a marketer can ask: “What exactly must we do to be the #1 choice at the moment the buyer makes the purchase decision?”.  99.8% of companies cannot answer that basic question. I will tell you exactly what you must do. 

4. I will look at your New Product Development program and tell you if you are on track to be a market leader… or are becoming insignificant in your markets and in a downward tailspin.

5. I will share with you what may be the five most effective unknown sales tactics in the world.

6. I will show you how you will improve the productivity of your staff by 20% or more.

7. Do this, or even if a prospect likes your product, he will most certainly want to meet with another company.

8. On average, people reject 70% of new ideas…and often quarrel over the value of competing or different new ideas. I will show you techniques to get all team members on the same page, communicate better, and eliminate ego battles.

9. I will describe a practice that often can double the “win” rates for new proposals.

10. Most marketers believe that technical buying decisions are objective and made only after the gathering and rational evaluation of important criteria and data. Most marketers are wrong. I will tell you what really happens.

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